Sales Coaching.

To coach someone in how to sell, you must have actually sold stuff. Lots and lots of stuff. You must have had rejection so many times you cannot count. You must have been in the thick of trying to sell something whilst competitors undercut you whilst others try to out market you, out sell your and outsmart you.

You must have been the small company up against the giants.  You must have been the big company up against all the environmental factors that affect your business every single day.

If you haven’t actually worn out a pair of shoes pounding the pavement, (and then tried to claim it on your expenses) you should not be doing sales coaching. Why? Because the people you are trying to coach will see through you in a heartbeat and will not respect what you are trying to work with them on.

At Partner Learning Solutions, we have sold millions and millions and millions of dollars’ worth of stuff. All kinds of stuff, but mostly in one of the most highly competitive industries in the world, the Travel and Tourism Industry.

Did you know that a 1% net profit on turnover is a GOOD result in the Travel Business?? Businesses in travel and tourism are LEAN and they must sell to survive, even the Luxury ones (although the margin can be better!)

Try selling Car Rental, when everyone’s product is IDENTICAL.

Try selling Insurance to people who don’t believe they need it.

At Partner Learning Solutions we LOVE sales, we love to work with sales people, we understand them and above all, we love to help them succeed. If your sales team succeeds, you succeed.

Sales people are needy. Sales TEAMS, are needy multiplied. Some of the things they really need are:

  • Ideas – how to overcome objections, how to position a product a different way
  • Motivation – the energy to get back up and go again
  • Competition – they need to know how to win and how to keep on winning
  • Recognition – lots and lots and lots of recognition
  • A good process – refined, thought through, honed into something that works
  • Help, support and resources – they have to be able to call for backup.

They also need training that is TAILORED and RELEVANT to them, in the real world. That is the one thing that sets Partner Learning Solutions apart from the off the shelf companies, we take the time to dig into your business and understand it BEFORE we deliver the training.