Interpersonal Skills Workshops

The great questions of life: is it predetermined at birth that we are going to behave this way? Is it nature or nurture? How are some people “born for sales” whilst others are more comfortable with customer service?

Is there such a thing as someone who is a “born leader” or do they become a leader as they grow up?

The answers to these great questions lies within human psychology and for over 100 years a huge amount of work has been done to work out how and WHY people behave the way they do.

THE GOOD NEWS: You, your sales people, your corporate team and in fact anyone in your world CAN change their behavior whenever they want to.

THE BAD NEWS: Everyone’s personality is fixed around the age of 16, the suite of natural talents is established, as are the challenges and in reality it is hard to dramatically change the natural flow of personality. However we can change behavior and that is what we focus on.

At Partner Learning Solutions, we believe that using the available tools such as DISC or MYERS/BRIGGS can help companies, leaders or individuals do two things very well:

  1. Identify the starting point for everyone, what assets and liabilities (yes sadly, we all have those) people bring to the table and
  2. Create a plan, based on that awareness, to interact with others in the best possible way.

The implications for sales growth, cohesiveness and productivity of teams and success in supervisory and management positions is simply huge when these tools are delivered well.


Well, millions are, using these kinds of tools that is a fact. However, there is a huge difference in making these tools PRACTICAL and WORKABLE in real life situations vs not.

RULE NUMBER ONE: If it is too complicated, it is not going to work.

RULE NUMBER TWO: If it cannot be used and implemented by supervisors and managers without more than a day of training, it is not going to work.

At Partner Learning Solutions, we have perfected a way to make very robust, complicated psychology digestible in a fun learning environment with very practical results.